Interested in Hosting?


  • Passion and commitment to Canadian agriculture!
  • Be available to host from Monday to Sunday of your assigned week
  • It is not necessary to spend all day tweeting (unless you want to!), but a minimum of 5 tweets per day will be required
  • Please respond to questions from followers. If you do not have an answer, try to point them towards a trusted resource  
  • Be active in the Twittersphere

What should I tweet about?

  • Share your daily routine- i.e. what chores must be done before breakfast, how unexpected events (frozen water!) impact your day
  • Explain why you do the things you do. To an outsider, certain practices might not make sense. Links to articles and industry sources are great!
  • Pictures offer a personal touch, giving the followers a glimpse into your life. Show off your barns, combines, tractors & prize winning animals
  • Share challenges your farm/industry is facing. Impact of drought, rising costs, low farmgate prices etc.
  • Interact with followers! Ask questions to create a dialogue between your fellow farmers and consumers
  • Personal anecdotes- let people see your interests outside farming.  Do you play hockey, love wine, or aspire to be a chef?
  • Have fun! Be open to learning from others, someone outside the industry might give a fresh perspective on your farm practices


Intolerance or hate speech is unacceptable. This includes racism, homophobia, sexism, religious and political attacks

Remember that the goal of this project is to create a positive image of Canadian agriculture. Celebrate your industry, but not at the expense of others

Please note your access to the account may be revoked if you do not follow these rules

Sound like fun?

Please email  a short profile outlining your agricultural background, where you live, anything unique to your farm/business, and a fun fact about yourself.  Include a picture you would like used as your Twitter avatar. Your profile will also be posted to the website

Let me know if there is a specific time of year you wish to host. I’ll do my best to accommodate you!


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